SAMUEL H. RODEN (Executive Producer)
Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Samuel H. Roden is the founder and CEO of Eratz Investments, an oil and gas exploration company created in 1989, as well as four subsidiary companies, all located in Dallas, Texas. Shine Box Productions was established in 2004 and has since produced two feature length movies, Blood is Thicker and Having My Baby. In late 1989, Sam co-founded the Thin Dime Theater Company, producing many shows for the Dallas theater scene. Sam has been an avid guitarist for over 35 years and has over 50 studio recordings to his credit, including songwriting credits, and two of his songs appeared in the movie Having My Baby. His interests are exercising, golf, recording music, and spending time with his family and friends. For more on Eratz Investments, please go to For more about his music, visit

LES BRANSON (Writer, Director, Producer)
Les Branson is the co-founder and artistic director of the Thin Dime Theater Company, and is the owner of the independent film company Dilligaf Productions, both based in Dallas. Some of the plays he wrote, produced and directed for Thin Dime include Warboots, Dead or in Huntsville, 3 Violent Plays, and Hillbilly Karma. Screenplays he has written include Having My Baby, Blood is Thicker, Dead or in Huntsville, Junkyard Dog, and Joey & Jeffie, based on the life of New York mobster, Joey (Crazy Joe) Gallo, and adapted from the biography Joey, by Donald Goddard.

DAVID DIXON (Producer, DP, Editor)
David Dixon is a native Texan and longtime film artist. A graduate of Arts Magnet High School, David has been writing and shooting humorous experimental short films around Dallas for over 20 years.

PHIL STRATTON (1st AD, Editor)

Taylor L. Kelley is a painter, writer, independent filmmaker, musician and a published author. She currently resides in North Texas but has also lived in Europe and other areas of North America. She has worked as a Production Assistant, Production Manager, Cinematographer, Assistant Director, and Director on several local independent films.